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Prayer Burdens, Week of November 16

For the prayer meeting, we suggest taking the following verses from Week 1, Day 5 of the HWMR of The Christian Life, the Church Life, the Consummation of the Age, and the Coming of the Lord:

Eph. 3:17 That Christ may make His home in your hearts through faith ...

Heb. 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to be well pleasing to Him, for he who comes forward to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


Online Thanksgiving Conference (26-29 November) LSM will be holding this as a global online ministry conference in just under two weeks time: We are looking to the Lord and expecting Him to use this pandemic to do something extraordinary among us during this time. We are praying that He will help us to open this channel for the release of His Word through this ministry. To that end, we hope that all the churches and all the saints will prepare for this upcoming time of ministry and sanctify these days for the hearing of faith among us everywhere. Please pray for His blessing upon this conference. May it turn out to be a real memorial among us to the shame of God’s enemy and to the glory of God’s grace!

UK Autumn University Conference Online - The Two Trees (Nov. 13-15) Praise the Lord that a significant number of new ones have participated in this past conference. Pray for each one to see a vision of the tree of life and be connected with the saints in the respective localities during and after the conference. May the Lord gain a generation that knows life and lives under authority amidst this age of lawlessness.

December Semi-Annual Training Please continue to pray that many saints would register for the training. May the Lord fully release His up-to-date speaking to the churches and may there be a proper response to match the burden of the training.

The Spirit of the Gospel among the Saints In the light of the fellowship of the gospel, may the Lord continue to bless the burden of the gospel that many saints would be fruitful and multiply this remaining year.

Hurricane Iota Honduras and Nicaragua were impacted by another hurricane. May the Lord strengthen and supply the saints and preserve their lives and livelihoods from the aftermath.



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