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Lord's Day Meetings

Updated: Mar 24

General Meeting Times for Lord's Day (subject to adjustments by district):

10:00 AM – Lord's Table Meeting

11:00 AM – Prophesying Meeting

Important Information:


~ All-Districts Zoom Meeting ~

For any saints who prefer not to join physical gatherings at this time, the church will continue to host a ZOOM meeting on Lord’s Days at the regularly scheduled time. We intend to follow the same format as we have done in the past with an extended time for singing and enjoyment followed by prophesying altogether. You may access the All-Districts Zoom Meeting by clicking on the banner below:


~ The Meeting Places of English-Speaking District Meetings ~

District 1 will join either District 2 or District 4 for the Lord’s Table Meeting. Please contact Sam Chambers for more information.


432 Calhoun St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Please contact Bobby Peel for more information.


Hyatt Place North Point Mall

7500 North Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30022

Please contact Charlie Peterson for more information.


5175 S Royal Atlanta Dr., Tucker, GA 30084

Please contact Bill White or Gary Ditzler Sr. for more information.


~ The Meeting Places of Language Meetings ~

The Chinese-speaking saints will meet at the Shallowford house for the Lord’s Table Meeting. Please contact Frank Chen for more information.

Chinese-speaking ZOOM Meeting for prophesying:

Meeting ID: 870 8577 2150


The Korean-speaking saints will join District 4 in the location above. Generally, there will be a Korean-speaking Lord’s Table Meeting and a Korean-speaking prophesying meeting. Occasionally, the Korean-speaking saints will join the English-speaking Lord’s Table Meeting. Please contact HakJoo Jung for more information.


The Spanish-speaking saints will join District 4 in the location above. Saints can also participate via our Zoom meeting if the translation is needed. Please contact Omar Iza for more information.


The Burmese-speaking saints will join District 4 in the location referenced above. They will join the English-speaking Lord’s Table Meeting and then have a separate in-person Burmese-speaking prophesying meeting. Please contact Joseph Lian for more information.


Meeting Particulars and Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Children. The Districts will not provide service for the children or any childcare at the present time. Children are welcome to attend the meetings but must remain under the care, supervision, and responsibility of the parents. We strongly encourage all of the families to coordinate care for the children according to your situation so that moms and dads may attend the meetings. It would be wonderful if some small, simple, and organic children’s meetings could be raised up by the parents among us. This is actively being fellowshipped and worked out among each district. If you have questions please contact the following district serving ones: (D1) Jessica Black (D2) Emily Rogers (D3) Linda Chang (D4) Jessica Black

  2. Young People (Junior High and High School Age). Neither the Districts nor the young people’s serving ones will provide service or care for the young people during the district meetings. Instead, the young people are encouraged to join the district meetings with their parents. At the present time, there will be no separate ZOOM meeting for the young people. However, the young people’s serving ones will be in touch with the parents concerning how to further care for the young people as we go forward. Questions should be directed to Joe Black, Jr., or Jeff Young.

  3. COVID Protocol.

    1. Symptoms. Any saints manifesting symptoms similar or consistent with a potential COVID infection should not attend the physical meetings under any circumstances. Please join the All-Districts Zoom Meeting instead.

    2. Requirements. There will be no vaccination or mask requirement to attend the meetings. Saints should assume that not all attendees will be vaccinated and not all saints will wear a mask. It will be possible to sit at a safe social distance in the meeting either by chair spacing or seating every other seat according to the preference of the saints. Ushers and those administering the meetings will wear masks and disposable food-prep gloves.

    3. Elements. We will break one bread and have one cup upon the table during the Lord’s Table Meeting. After the bread is broken, the ushers will distribute single-serving, pre-packaged elements (wafer and juice) which will eliminate any communal handling of the elements themselves. As best we can, we intend to follow the scriptural sequence and uphold the spiritual significance symbolically represented by the elements.



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