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Life-Study of Matthew

Updated: May 21

Weekly Life-Study Reading

Life-Study of Matthew

Message 7—The King's Antecedents and Status (7)

Message 8—The King's Anointing (1)

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Week of May 22, 2023—Messages Seven and Eight

Message Seven

Scripture reading: Matt. 2:1-2, 9, 12, 22-23

Key footnotes: 2:2 n.2; 2:23 nn.1-3

  1. How does Matthew’s record of Jesus’ hidden youth demonstrate that He was a kingly child?

  2. Compare the religious people in the Holy Land and the wise men in the pagan land. What should those who seek the Lord depend on and be wary of in trying to find Christ? What is the way to find Christ and appreciate all that He is?

Message Eight

Scripture reading: Matt. 3:1-2, 3b-4, 6

Key footnotes: 3:1 n.2; 3:2 n.2; 3:4 n.1

  1. Discuss the significance of the statement “In Matthew 3 John appeared as Samuel and Jesus appeared as David.” In your answer please discuss how John the Baptist was a genuine priest, not one formally or in shadow.

  2. John’s function as the King’s recommender caused people to repent and to be brought into the kingdom. Discuss the intrinsic significance of John beginning his ministry with repentance (relate this to our entrance into the kingdom).

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