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Life-Study of Matthew

Updated: Jan 2

Weekly Life-Study Reading

Message 71—Man's Unrighteousness and God's Righteousness [815]

Message 72—The King's Victory [821]

Week of January 1, 2024—Messages Seventy One and Seventy Two

Message 71

  1. What are two ways in which Christ turned man's unrighteousness into God's righteousness? In other words, how was the stage set for the "white" of God's righteousness to be manifested?

  2. What is God's kingdom built upon? How does it relate to our salvation?

Message 72

  1. In chapter 28, the King's victory has 2 aspects (resurrection and reigning). How is resurrection a matter of righteousness and a key matter in producing God's kingdom?

  2. Whereas John's account of resurrection was a matter of breath, Matthew's was a matter of authority. What is the difference between preaching the gospel and discipling the nations in the context of authority? Explain how baptism is needed in order to disciple the nations in the heavenly kingdom.

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