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Life-Study of John

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Weekly Life-Study Reading

Message 47—Life in Resurrection (2) [561]

Message 48—Life in Resurrection (3) [573]

Week of June 16, 2024—Messages Forty-Seven and Forty-Eight

Message Forty-Seven

  1. What six aspects of the Spirit are presented in this message? Give verse references for each.

  2. How does John 20 illustrate the two aspects of our contact with the Lord? Why is it so important for believers to meet together? What are the benefits?

Message Forty-Eight

  1. What is the meaning of the Gospel of John found in the introduction to this message. After such completion, why do we need John 21?

  2. What were the three miracles of fishing in John 21? And what was the lesson the Lord was teaching His disciples by these miracles?

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