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Life-Study of John

Updated: 2 days ago

Weekly Life-Study Reading

Message 15—The Need of the Hungry—Life's Feeding (1) [179]

Message 16—The Need of the Hungry—Life's Feeding (2) [191]

Week of February 26, 2024—Messages Fifteen and Sixteen

Message Fifteen

  1. Describe the two primary aspects of Christ as depicted by the five barley loaves and two fish.

  2. What precious aspect of Christ as seen in the loaves and fish enables Him to become our life supply? How does this differ from most Christian’s concept concerning Christ?

Message Sixteen

  1. Describe the six steps of Christ’s process in John 6 by which He has become the food abiding to eternal life?

  2. Since ultimately Christ has become the life-giving Spirit, embodied in the Word of life, how should we practically feed upon Him today?

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