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July 2023 Semiannual Training

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

General Subject:

An Overview of the Central Burden and Present Truth of the Lord’s Recovery before His Appearing


If you have registered for the video training, links to join training sessions are here:


Video Training

Registration donation: The video training donation is $125.00 USD for full-time or part-time registration.

  • Sharing Seats. Those sharing a seat count as one person and give one donation of $125.00 USD.

  • Outlines. Video training outlines are $6.00 USD to help cover shipping charges. Additional outlines may be preordered at the time of registration.

  • Late registrants. After June 18, late registrants will incur a late charge of $25 USD in addition to the $125 training donation. Further, a limited number of video training outlines will be made available to the late registrants based on the order your registration was received. However, there is no guarantee that late registrants will receive a copy of the video training outline because the outlines are shipped to us two weeks before our video training, and the video training outlines will not be available online for this training.

  • Live Training Attendees. Those who attend the live training may attend that same local video training without an additional donation.

Registration has closed.



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