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Announcements—Week of August 13, 2023

The Holy Word for Morning Revival

This week we will start week 4 of Knowing, Experiencing, and Living the All-inclusive Christ for the Genuine Church Life: "Taking Christ as Our Living for His Magnification and Dealing with the Self for Our Oneness in the Divine Glory in the Genuine Church Life."

This Holy Word for Morning Revival provides a limited review of the International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones held in Anaheim, California, on March 24-26, 2023.



Direct Mail Service (DMS): A subscription allows you to receive the next Holy Word for Morning Revival publication automatically.

As a practical reminder to the saints, the space provided at the end of each week is for composing a short prophecy. This prophecy can be composed by considering all of our daily notes, the "harvest" of our inspirations during the week, and preparing a main point with some sub-points to be spoken in the church meetings for the organic building up of the Body of Christ.

Prayer Meeting (Wednesday)

The prayer meeting will be held in person by districts every Wednesday at 7:30 ᴘ.ᴍ. An option to meet on Zoom will be available. Please see the church calendar for the locations and prayer burdens.

All-Districts Lord's Day Meeting

The next All-Districts Meeting will be August 20, 2023, at the meeting place of District Four: 5175 S Royal Atlanta Dr., Tucker, GA 30084.

Southeast Labor Day Weekend Conference

This year the Southeast Labor Day Weekend Conference will be held in person in Jacksonville, Florida from September 1–4, 2023.

Hotel reservations: Reservations must be made by Friday, August 18, 2023. Please check the reservation link periodically as the rooms may become available. If anyone no longer needs their reservation, please do not cancel your reservation, but instead let the service office know so we can reassign the room.

Gospel Trips in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

The churches and the developing localities in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria would like to extend their warm invitation again to all the saints in the recovery to join their

campus labor at the beginning of the university year. Please pray that the Lord will gain many young Germans, Swiss, and Austrians as remaining fruit and for the spread of the Lord’s testimony in all these cities through these gospel trips.

The gospel trips will begin on October 8, 2023, and end by October 22, 2023.

Week 1 starts from October 8, 2023, to October 14, 2023.

Week 2 starts from October 15, 2023, to October 22, 2023.

For more information, please visit 2023 Gospel Trips in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Fall Young People's Conferences

The young people's conference this fall will be October 27–29, 2023 at Camp Westminster, Conyers, GA.

International Thanksgiving Blending Conference

This year’s International Thanksgiving Blending Conference will be held in Dallas, TX, from Thursday, November 23 through Lord’s Day, November 26, 2023.

2024 International Chinese-speaking Blending Conference

The 2024 International Chinese-speaking Blending Conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, from Saturday, February 10, 2024, through Lord’s Day, February 11, 2024. Registration for the conference is required, and the registration deadline is November 30, 2023.



500 Life-Studies

The Life-study of the Bible is a book-by-book exposition of the entire Bible from the perspective of God’s New Testament economy while ministering spiritual life supply. We encourage all the saints to develop a habit of reading the Life-studies for your spiritual nourishment and growth in Christ. To help the saints, we suggest reading two messages a week according to the following sequential reading: Matthew (72 messages), John (51), Romans (69), Galatians (46), Ephesians (97), Philippians (62), Colossians (65), and Revelation (68), totaling 530 messages. Starting May 1, we will start reading the Life-study of Matthew. Please watch the video below for additional information. Study questions are available for anyone who desires to use them.

Yearly New Testament Reading

To help the saints read through the New Testament once a year, we have prepared a reading schedule on Bible Challenges: Church in Atlanta - 2023 New Testament Reading 2023.

This plan will read through the entire New Testament in one year's time. The plan has one chapter daily from Monday through Saturday and no readings on Lord's day. Please use that time to consider your reading and/or catch back up. The Bible (Recovery Version) without footnotes is also available for free on

Ministry Digest

The purpose of this monthly digest is to help to encourage and assist in the daily reading of the ministry. We suggest getting into the line on Maturing in Life.

The Maturing in Life Line covers chapters 35 through 38 of Perfecting Training, which are in volume 1 of The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1980.

These chapters cover fellowship on how to be released from the law of sin and of death, having our being according to the spirit, being according to the spirit by minding the things of the spirit, and practicing to set the mind on the spirit. The Collected Works of Witness Lee is available on through a subscription purchased separately.

The Maturing in Life Line covers chapters 31 through 34 of Perfecting Training, which are in volume 1 of The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1980.

Discontinuation Notice: Living Stream Ministry will discontinue the Ministry Digest publication in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Korean at the end of this year. It will continue to produce and ship out a new Ministry Digest issue each month until the last issue, Ministry Digest, volume 5, number 12, is mailed out in December 2023.



  • September 1–4, 2023—Southeast Labor Day Weekend Conference (Jacksonville, FL)

  • October 5–7, 2023—October ITERO (Manila, Philippines)

  • October 13–15, 2023—October ITERO Video Training (Atlanta, GA)

  • October 27–29, 2023—Fall Young People's Conferences (Camp Westminster, Conyers, GA)

  • November 23–26, 2023—International Thanksgiving Conference (Dallas, TX)

  • December 25–30, 2023—December Semiannual Training (Anaheim, CA)

  • February 10–11, 2024—Int'l Chinese-speaking Blending Conference (Taipei, Taiwan)

  • February 23–25, 2024—Spring Young People's Conferences (TBD)

  • Spring 2024—Southeast College Conference (TBD)

  • February 2024—Church in Atlanta Business Meeting (Atlanta, GA)

  • March 2024—Southeast Blending Conference (TBD)

  • April 12–14, 2024—April ITERO (Anaheim, CA)

  • April 2024—Spring Young People's Conferences (TBD)

  • April 2024—Southeast Sixth Grade Conference (Athens, GA)

  • May 2024—International Memorial Day Conference

  • June 2024—Georgia Summer School of Truth (TBD)

  • June 2024—Bible Camp for Rising Kindergarten–Sixth Grades (Atlanta, GA)

  • July 2024—July Semiannual Training (Anaheim, CA)

  • July 2024—College Training (TBD)

  • July–August 2024—European Young People's Conference (Małe Ciche, Poland)



The Ministry of the Word (Periodical), vol. 27, no. 02 (Mar 2023)

This issue of The Ministry of the Word contains a complete record of the twelve messages given as the crystallization-study of the books of 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther in the December 2022 semiannual training, held in Anaheim, California.


History and Revelation of the Lord's Recovery

We now have the book, The History and Revelation of the Lord's Recovery (2-volume set), in the D4 book room. Copies are available at LSM's discounted price. The price for the English, Chinese, or Korean version is $10 per set, and the price for the Spanish version is $18 per set.

Life-Study of the New Testament, Conclusion Messages (Volumes 1-5 - Hardbound)

Special Discount:

Please note: Sales tax and shipping costs are extra. Continental US only.



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