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Prayer Burdens, Week of November 30

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

For the prayer meeting, we suggest taking the following verses from Week 3, Day 4 of the HWMR of The Christian Life, the Church Life, the Consummation of the Age, and the Coming of the Lord:

Luke 21:34 — But take heed to yourselves lest perhaps your hearts be weighed down with debauchery and drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day come upon you suddenly as a snare. 36 But be watchful at every time, beseeching that you would prevail to escape all these things which are about to happen and stand before the Son of Man.


Registration for the Semiannual Winter Training The deadline for the Winter Training is the 7th of December. May the Lord release the saints to register and participate in the training so that many brothers and sisters would be trained under the ministry of the age to cooperate with Him in these last days.

Response to the Thanksgiving Conference Thank the Lord for opening His Word and revealing His heart’s desire to us. Please pray that the spoken word in the Thanksgiving Conference will penetrate deeply into the hearts of all the saints and impart a vision of the all-inclusive, extensive Christ so that we can experience Him as our life and as the constituent of our entire being to live Him instead of our culture for the appearing of the one new man on the earth in a practical way.

First Lord’s Table in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (December 6) We are pleased to announce that the first Lord’s table in Amsterdam will take place on 6 December at 3 pm CET (Dutch time). Please pray for a strong beginning of the church life and the raising up of a golden lampstand for the testimony of Jesus in this important European city. The meeting will be broadcasted on Zoom. Those who wish to join can do so at

South East Brothers Fellowship Time (December 5) Pray for the Lord's blessing of the one accord among the brothers and His up-to-date speaking concerning the present move in the Southeast.



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