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Picnic Lunch at Graves Park on April 16

Saints, on April 16 we have an All-district meeting scheduled at District 4.

Following the meeting, all saints are invited to

Graves Park in Norcross for a picnic!

  • Graves Park is at 1540 Graves Rd, Norcross, GA 30093, about a 12 minute drive from the District 4 meeting hall

  • We have reserved a covered pavilion which has many picnic tables. The pavilion is located right next to the parking lot by the playground

  • There are additional tables and benches throughout the small park

  • There is a playground and open field area for children, in addition to biking paths, tennis courts and sand volleyball pits. Rec items like balls, frisbees, and other outdoor equipment may be brought

  • There are between 60 and 80 parking spaces; if it is possible to carpool, please try

What is the food arrangement?

  • Just like we did at Stone Mountain a few months ago, this is a potluck kind of picnic

  • When you come, just bring enough for your own family plus maybe a tiny bit more

  • We can optionally combine food on the tables to share with others

  • Don't be too complicated, easiest is to pick something up from Publix or drive through somewhere; the main thing is to be together

  • Anyone who wants to use the grills is free to do so but you may need to figure out your own charcoal / tools



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