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Fellowship Regarding Saints Affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Honduras

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Dear Saints,

On November 3, Hurricane Eta (category 4) struck Honduras and caused widespread flooding and damage. Two weeks later Hurricane Iota (also category 4) struck Nicaragua. The most devastating damage caused by the two hurricanes occurred in Honduras. The churches in San Pedro Sula and La Lima have been affected, and as many as 40 saints have lost everything due to the destruction of the hurricane, with many saints sheltering at the meeting hall in San Pedro Sula while the flood waters recede. Despite a lack of electricity and a shortage of bedding, the church has been pouring out to take care of these saints in trying to get food, water, and medicine. As the saints return to their homes, they face a pressing situation. They must clean the mud out of their houses before it becomes clay, while in constant danger of being exposed to infection from decomposing animals in the streets. This is in addition to the pandemic that has already significantly affected the country.

Attached below is a fellowship regarding the needs of the saints affected by Hurricane Eta in Honduras.

Download PDF • 46KB

A couple of photos are also attached showing the dining in the hall and the brothers who are coordinating to help the saints. There are also two short videos showing the widespread flooding in Honduras and one of the houses after the flood.

UPDATE: The giving through the church in Anaheim for the saints and churches affected by the recent hurricanes in Honduras and Nicaragua has been generous and sufficient. Following the example in Exodus 36:3-7, the brothers in Anaheim feel they should not continue to receive donations through Anaheim for this particular need (please see their letter here).



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