Lord's Day

Dear Saints: For the time being we will have our Lord’s day meeting via Zoom

Once you have zoom set up on your device you can join the Lord’s day meeting by clicking on the zoom meeting link below


You can join slightly earlier if you need to.

Meeting Schedule (approximate)

The corporate Lord’s day meetings are currently not bread breaking meetings.

Time Activity
10:30 Gather and Sing (if possible)
10:40 Split into breakout groups to read and digest a ministry portion together. We will be reading a section of Basic Lessons on Service called “How to Meet”. If you do not own the book or can’t pull it up in a browser it is fine to merely listen to the others in your group.
11:10 Gather back together for an opening word on the HWMR
11:20 Split back into breakout groups for mutual sharing and overflow. Note that these groups may be small (around 10 per group) so you should have something ready to overflow from this week
11:45 Conclude

Language grouping

To ensure that non-English speaking groups can be together, they should coordinate among themselves and choose an 8x8 room to meet in instead of in Zoom.

Language Meeting Location
English Zoom room
Burmese 8x8 room
Chinese 8x8 room
Korean 8x8 room
Spanish 8x8 room