NEYP 2020 April

Dear saints,

We wanted to make all the parents, serving ones, and young people aware that there is an invitation for us to join and participate in the upcoming virtual 2020 Northeast Young People’s Spring Conference.

The virtual 2020 Northeast YP Spring Conference will be a 4-week conference series, starting tomorrow night Saturday, April 4, with weekly live sessions, pre-recorded messages, group times, and special fellowships. All the young people are invited to this conference, both Junior High School and High School, as well as parents and serving ones.

All of the sessions will be conducted online. The conference’s live sessions will be held using Zoom. Pre-recorded messages, materials and updates will be posted weekly on the following website:

The conference’s general subject will be on “Redeeming the Time.”


Session Date Time
Session One Saturday April 4 8 pm EDT (orientation and introduction)
Session Two Friday April 10 10 am EDT
Session Three Friday April 10 8 pm EDT
Session Four Saturday April 11 10 am EDT
Session Five Saturday April 11 8 pm EDT
Session Six Saturday April 18 8 pm EDT
Session Seven Saturday April 25 8 pm EDT

Requirements for this virtual YP Spring Conference:

Please make sure each young person and/or household that is participating in the conference have their own Zoom account. It is preferable for the breakout sessions that each young person have their own individual account on a separate device, if possible. You can download Zoom at

Specific information on how to join the conference zoom sessions will be provided.

We believe that in this current situation, the Lord has afforded us a particular opportunity in our service with the young people. It is our earnest expectation and hope that the Lord would guide and enable us to gain just as much—if not more—than we would have gained otherwise. We ask all the saints and the parents to pray strongly for this. On behalf of the serving ones,

Isaac Gonzales