Weekly Announcement Sheets are here

Announcements 6/27/20

Please take note of special meeting tomorrow on 6/28 which will have some visiting brothes and a slightly different format. Same start time of 10:30am.

Announcements 5/3/20

Please take note of the Memorial Day Conference update posted by Living Stream Ministry related to hotel reservations and the new format of the Memorial Day conference.

Announcements 4/5/20

Please take note of the NEYP 2020 Conference Information. This conference is geared towards young people in the churches.

The Atlanta Memorial Day conference, as of now, is still scheduled to take place.

Announcements 3/25/20

  1. This Friday-LD (March 27-29) will be the International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones which will take place on-line. Many local brothers will be participating and therefore not in the LD morning meeting. The LD meeting for the church in Atlanta will continue on Zoom. Details to come later this week.
  2. The church in Atlanta will begin using the Crystallization-study of Deuteronomy, Volume 2, beginning April 6. This book will be available to all the saints beginning Thursday, March 26. The books will be in boxes labeled according to language in the alcove of the meeting hall (front of the Hall) on Shallowford Road.
  • The HWMR books will be available from 9:00am to 9:00pm each day, until Wed April 8. Each night, the books will be brought back into the Hall to prevent potential weather damage or loss.
  • There will be no charge for these books. We encourage the saints to coordinate with their family, neighborhood or language group to come to the Hall to pick up copies of the book for distribution.
  1. During this period of time that we are not holding our meetings at the Hall, there is a need to continue the financial offerings to the church. We encourage the saints to use the online giving portal (see website) or mail checks to the meeting hall.
  2. On Thursday, March 26 at 12:00pm (noon) we will have a 30 minute prayer meeting using Zoom. All saints who are available at that time are encouraged to join this prayer. This is the time to fight the battle in the Body, bind the enemy and pray that His will be done on earth. May the Lord increase our pursuing and assembling together even more in these days.